Combined Federal Campaign: CFC Charity Code # 95225

Workplace giving is a significant factor in support of NRC’s work. Over five consecutive years we have been approved as a national Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) charity, from 2011 to 2015. Currently listed under our program name, American Indian Education Foundation, our CFC number is CFC charity code # 95225.

The CFC, known as “the world’s largest and most successful annual workplace charity campaign,” is the federal government’s answer to workplace giving and support for philanthropy. Annually, the CFC runs more than 200 organized campaigns to reach thousands of federal workers and raise millions of dollars for nonprofits. The total CFC effort helps postal, military, and Federal civilian workers, nationally and globally, to pledge payroll deductions for nonprofits providing health and human services.

Only some charities can participate in the CFC. Only after completing a rigorous application and review process that culminates in approval and selection by the Office of Personnel Management in Washington, DC is a charity deemed eligible and listed in the annual CFC giving catalog. As a national charity, NRC has to provide detailed documentation on the types of services delivered in at least 15 states, as well as the volume and value of those services and the beneficiaries in each state. This is in addition to meeting all the CFC’s financial and administrative requirements.

We are confident that NRC will also be included in the 2015 CFC and that this important workplace campaign will continue to help us raise more awareness about the American Indian population we serve and the work we do on remote reservations to help end the cycle of poverty. To request a CFC Charity List and/or a CFC pledge form, federal employees should contact their local CFC office. CFC pledge drives typically occur from September to mid-December each year.

In addition to the CFC, our AIEF program is recognized as a Women, Children, and Family Services federation charity participating in state giving campaigns for Washington and Utah. We have also received employers’ matching gifts when their employees have made independent contributions. If your organization is interested in learning more about workplace giving, please call 800-416-8102.

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