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Kelly mentioned that several high school grads from the Rosebud Reservation have received our AIEF scholarship and gone on to finish college. This reminded me that our deadline for scholarship applications is drawing near. 

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The American Indian Education Foundation, a program of National Relief Charities, is now accepting scholarship applications for the 2012-13 academic year. The deadline is April 4. 

The AIEF program is one of the United States’ largest grantors of scholarships to Native Americans. Nearly half of the students we award are the first in their family to attend college. In addition to funding scholarships, AIEF also mentors and supports our scholarship recipients once in college, which makes a dramatic difference in their completion of the college year.

The purpose of the AIEF scholarship service is to give more American Indians and Alaska Natives the resources and encouragement they need to learn and succeed.  If you or a Native American student you know has gained acceptance to college, and plans to attend full time, AIEF may be for you.

You can get an AIEF application for graduate or undergraduate scholarships online. AIEF also provides this free guide: Tools for Success — A Guide for High School Seniors, Families, Counselors and others.

We know too from years of working in Indian country that students in remote communities often have a ton of questions about college, applications, and funding.  One key thing to know is that you can apply for as many scholarships as you want or need. Check out this article to learn about helpful resources, other scholarships, and what to have on hand when you fill out scholarship applications.

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    it’s good to see these types of scholarships out there for people.
    professional employer organizations

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