Native America: Winning the Future

The news came out this week of a new White House website launched to help improve communication between President Obama and Native Americans. The site is called “Winning the Future: President Obama and the Native American Community.”  It was borne out of the recent listening session that tribal leaders held with the Obama Administration.

This new web site can hopefully be a help to the tribes. While over 560 tribes are federally recognized and sovereign nations, they are also heavily regulated by the federal government.

Tribal leaders are expected to navigate a maze of government bureaucracy that carries with it controls related to various aspects of tribal lands and resources, programs, education, enterprise, transportation, and use of funds even from tribally-owned operations.  For some agencies that regulate Indian country, the functions and boundaries are obvious. For others, the functions and roles are less clear. This is further complicated by the fact that different tribes are bound by different governance and regulations.

The Resources page of the new web site is designed to provide American Indian tribes with easier access to all of these federal offices that have a say in Indian country:  

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