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Who shares the love for animal welfare on the reservations?

PWNA’s animal welfare partners rescue, spay, neuter and vaccinate animals in need and bring humane and healthy solutions to overpopulation on the reservations.

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Acts of Kindness That Impact Life on the Reservation

Look at ways we can inspire acts of kindness in others, and how those acts of kindness can also benefit the Native American reservations we serve.

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Heart Disease Awareness & Cancer Prevention for American Indians

While heart disease awareness and cancer prevention can help curb these leading causes of death for Native Americans, there are some striking health and healthcare disparities between American Indians/Alaskan Natives and their Caucasian counterparts in the U.S.

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How to See Clear Impact of Partnership With Native Americans

These are only snapshots of the challenges Native Americans living on the reservations face, and a glimpse of the impact you can make by donating to PWNA.

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Winter Necessities Make Hope, Security for Elders in Need

Severe winter weather is a harsh reminder of the traditional ways of life halted by the reservation system – depriving many tribes of the ability to prepare for the winter months as their ancestors had done for generations.

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High Need Scholarships for Native American Students

If you’re a Native American student or know of a deserving applicant, we encourage you to learn more by reviewing our scholarship applications.

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People in Indian Country Make the Best New Year’s Resolutions

In this country, New Year’s is a time of reflection and resolution — a time of promises we make to ourselves about a better future. Yet, much of what we resolve to do, and even take for granted, actually represents real and difficult challenges faced 365 days a year on the reservations served by Partnership […]

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Thank You for a Truly Impactful 2015

Partnership With Native Americans is increasing awareness about Indian country and the work being done to aid more than 250,000 Native Americans.

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A High Impact Food Partner & Project in Indian Country

Food sovereignty has been a major focus in sustainable community development across Indian country.

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Christmas on the Reservation

PWNA supports the Holiday season for our partners across the Southwest and Northern Plains reservations. This year, through PWNA Holiday Services, we are providing:

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