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What is Tribal Sovereignty?

Lately, there has been much focus on sovereignty, a huge issue for tribes. And this is important in that it can perhaps bring to light the unique relationships that exist between the United States and the Indian nations. This starts with the need to understand just what “sovereignty” is and how that meaning is interpreted, […]

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The Indian Reorganization Act of 1934

In my recent blog post on Black Elk, a holy man and healer of the Oglala Sioux, I mentioned how the early reservations were before the Indian Reorganization Act… no food, inferior shelter, meager provisions and uncaring superintendents. In today’s topic, I explain the changes brought about by the Indian Reorganization Act and how they […]

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BIE Schools & Sovereignty in Indian Education

A certain excitement comes with the start of a new school year. Like many students as summer begins to wind down, I started feeling the all too familiar back-to-school blues. The uncertainty of taking on a new role as a teacher for my second year at St. Francis Indian School was getting to me… still […]

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An Interview with Dana Lone Hill

A powerful voice from Indian country, Dana Lone Hill recently released her first novel, “Pointing With Lips,” which is set on the Pine Ridge Reservation. Check back this fall for more information about our book contest and giveaway!! In the meantime, Dana granted us an interview to share with readers everywhere. This Lakota author is […]

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Redskins Trademark: #ProudToBe

The Washington Redskins football team has lost its trademark for its team name. Change the Mascot is urging everyone to encourage a name change and a mascot change for the Redskins.

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Native American Film Series: “Tiger Eyes”

In the movie “Tiger Eyes,” the story goes from loss to love and a clear understanding that no one person is alone. It is part of a series of films featuring Native actors and presented on the National Relief Charities Blog.

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Native Chiefs & Leaders: Black Elk

What we can learn from the life and quotes of Oglala Lakota holy man Black Elk. Discussed by Murray Lee, a blogger for National Relief Charities.

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Assayii Lake Fire: Over but Ongoing

National Relief Charities responded to the needs of the Assayii Lake fire on the Navajo reservation.

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National Powwow XVI in Review

The National Powwow shared with the community the culture of American Indians nationwide, but also was a great way for AIEF to explain how we assist the American Indians on the reservations with scholarships and other aid.

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National Powwow XVI

National Relief Charities is proud to be a premier sponsor at the National Powwow this year.

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